2014 Project 365 - Photography and Digital Scrapbook Design by Michele Kendzie

Michele Kendzie, Photographer, Scrapbook Designer, and Mom of Three Unschoolers in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Icy River

Day 025 This week's theme for my P52 is "My Town" so I took a photowalk downtown. I'm glad I got to see it before the snow melted away. We don't get a lot of snow and I'm managed to avoid going out in it a lot. But it's really interesting to see. And I didn't even know the river was so icy! This is the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, VA. 1/125s f/5.6 ISO100 50mm I was planning to take detail shots of buildings, but when I was here at the river I wished I'd had my kit lens for a wider angle.