2014 Project 365 - Photography and Digital Scrapbook Design by Michele Kendzie

Michele Kendzie, Photographer, Scrapbook Designer, and Mom of Three Unschoolers in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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My Little Rebel

Day 033 I was inspired to photograph my camera as a symbol of me being an emerging photographer for today's cmglimpse theme. I thought about taking pictures a few other times today, but didn't manage it. This is all I have. I'm mixed up about where to post my Project 365 photos anyway. Some members of the new group that broke off last year's P365 decided to move back to the old group and I thought we all would, but they're posting in both groups. I am having trouble keeping up with all my projects and don't want to be posting in two groups. Also, the new group doesn't seem as active as the old group (which surprised me to discover because I thought the old group was winding down). So I'm trying to figure out what I want to do.