2017 Project 52 - Photography and Digital Scrapbook Design by Michele Kendzie

Michele Kendzie, Photographer, Scrapbook Designer, and Mom of Three Unschoolers in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Week 29 {my favorite} Fans of baseball and/or Rhiannon

Rhiannon was invited to sing the national anthem for the Richmond Flying Squirrels on July 27. This Project 52 assignment was not just to pick a favorite picture but think about our favorite genre of photography. For me, to put it simply, it's documentary. Or sometimes I call it family photojournalism. But that's not the only thing I enjoy photographing. I also like to photograph architecture, nature, food, street scenes, lots of things! I think what all my favorite photos have in common is that the things I photograph, like the people, are the things I really admire, respect, love. In nature, I love starbursts, certain flowers, color combinations, and beauty (like the bokeh behind the wisteria I photographed earlier in the year for this project; I don’t love wisteria particularly. I’ve always loved sunsets. And the sky. And animals. And snow still fascinates me. Oh, and the potato chips (another P52 photo earlier this year) and the phone I photographed a couple of days ago are not just things; they tell something about me. I love potato chips. We made changes in our phones this summer. I love to record my life. Often that means people pictures, but sometimes it’s stuff; things in my life.
Now, I passed up a lot of iPhone photos while searching for my favorites. So I have developed an appreciation for quality photography. That’s another tie between the people and nature photography. I like bright, cheerful photos. I like color, though not overly vibrant. I rarely convert to black & white. I like my photos realistic, though I will take advantage of the tools in Lightroom to enhance a sunset and other nature scenes. This photo is probably wont be one of my all time favorites because it has several flaws I don't like, but it's my most recent favorite. It documents an important event for my family and I love the connection and naturalness in it.