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I'm voting for Andrew Yang to be the nominee.

January 1, 2020 -- I bought bumper stickers and buttons. I've made up my mind. Please click on Andrew Yang below to find lots of links to interviews and articles and his website,

I've narrowed the field down to these candidates I like best. Click on a candidate  to see their page where I've written about them and collected articles, podcasts, videos,  images, etc.

December 2019

I haven't kept up these pages because I'm too busy. Here's a quick summary.

I've been listening to the candidates speak in videos and podcasts,  I'm a member of several online groups for Yang, Sanders, and Buttigieg, and I follow all of these candidates on Twitter and Facebook.

For months, I was liking Pete Buttigieg the best, but lately I've been concerned about whether he'll be beholden to big donors.

All year, I've really loved Andrew Yang's economic and Humanity First policies -- UBI is sensible and helps everyone!

Most of the year I was thinking Bernie should keep helping us in the Senate, but I really still love his progressive ideas and if Andrew didn't make it all the way, I think Bernie might be my next choice.

I've always liked Cory Booker, I think Elizabeth Warren would be fine, and I think I liked Julian Castro but didn't get to know him much.

Researching The 2020 Presidential Candidates

I began writing to share my thoughts about 2020 presidential candidates in  May 2019. For a few months prior, I had become very interested in politics again, especially the presidential campaign. This is not normal. In general, I've maintained at least a mild interest ever since 2008, when Obama's first campaign excited me and filled me with hope, but usually politics is not a topic I follow. I guess you could say that's the one good thing about the administration we have right now. I think many of us are doing more research and getting more involved, wanting to play at least a small part in moving our country in a better direction.

When I first became aware, early in 2019, that there were  a large number of Democratic candidates, I thought I'd ignore them for a while. I know some people take that tactic, because there will be fewer to learn about if we just wait. But I was pulled in by Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, and Bernie Sanders, who have been the best at putting themselves out there early on social media and in interviews on radio and t.v. I've had Bernie Sanders posts starred "Show First" on Facebook since 2016, when I voted for him in that year's primary (followed by Hillary in November, of course). And in early spring 2019 I became very impressed by what Andrew and Pete are saying. So I continue watching and listening with great interest. But I  wanted to get to know all our options.  I  started taking notes. I considered putting bumper stickers for multiple candidates on my vehicle or multiple lawn signs in my yard. I pondered whether I want to write about this online.

Writing helps me think, and it improves my memory of whatever I'm writing about. I am also interested in discussing politics. I won't tolerate name-calling, belittling, and the like, but I highly value open-mindedness and I want to understand things. We have to talk about issues to work through them. I will delete rude comments, but I welcome comments of substance and comments of honest inquiry. On a separate page for each candidate I'm recording the interviews, articles, and other media I read/see/hear about each candidate, and writing my thoughts.  I will be making a well-thought out choice in November 2020.

Overviews of The First Debates (June 26 and 27)

Vox: Who Won the Democratic Debate June 26

I didn't think in terms of winners and losers in Debate Night 1, it's so early, so I was kind of surprised to see headlines saying such things, but this is a pretty good summary of the debate for anyone who didn't watch it. As for me, I already liked Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, and disliked Beto, and my opinion on them didn't change while listening to this debate. The two who grew on me the most thanks to this debate were Julian Castro and Bill DeBlasio.

NY Times Opinion: And Now, The Dream of a Harris-Buttigieg Ticket 

This was a more lively debate! I was most moved by Kamala; I like her even more. I still think Pete is awesome. I’m disappointed by how little Andrew spoke, and that he appeared unengaged several times. I still think Bernie would be a fine president but would like him to continue helping us as a great senator. I continue to dislike Biden. I’m not ready to settle on my choice yet, but I’d be happy with a Harris-Buttigieg ticket, as suggested in this article, which is also a good overview of the debate.

June 26 and 27 Debates

image from The Democratic Debate Lineups Are Set. Here's What to Expect. June 14, 2019. Click to read it at The New York Times.

Open-minded comments of substance and honest inquiry welcome. Rudeness will be deleted.

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