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Someone else has made a better compilation of videos, podcasts, quotes, and articles about Pete (click image):

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Sioux City, IA Town Hall meeting July 3, 2019

June 25, 2019

Okay, I just double-checked. Because sometimes I see comments that Pete doesn't have policies. Maybe he doesn't list 100+ individual ideas like Andrew Yang does, but he does have a very long page full of great ideas too. Right here: Pete Buttigieg on the Issues

June 23, 2019

Pete is showing himself to be a conscientious leader  by returning home to South Bend, to his current job as mayor, to deal with a couple of shootings that happened there in the last week. 

June 22, 2019 Pete at the South Carolina Democratic Convention (Pete begins at 39:14)

June 17, 2019

I finished listening to Pete read his book today. I already thought he's awesome and the book reinforced that feeling. The Shortest Way Home: One Mayor's Challenge and a Model for America's Future

June 11, 2019

I can't remember what brought my attention to Pete Buttigieg this spring, but by May I'd listened to him speak for hours and he's one of my favorites. One of the first of his videos I watched was with Breakfast Club on March 26. See also his May 19 town hall on FOX here and another great interview here. It will be easy to find more because he has been visiting a lot of places and doing a lot of interviews, giving us lots of chances to get to know him. If I could decide who would be the next president, I think I'd choose Pete, but I'm really indecisive between him and Andrew. Pete does have more executive experience than Andrew -- as a second term mayor of South Bend, Indiana -- and his life philosophies are wonderful — he’s for everyone, he keeps saying — and yes, I would love for my kids to see a loving gay couple in the White House. But it's early and while Bernie, Andrew, and Pete are fantastic at putting themselves out there in the online world, making it easy for us to learn about them, I'm trying to get to know the other candidates too.

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