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The first blog "post" I made was a Smugmug gallery. This is a Smugmug PAGE. I'm just playing, trying things out, figuring out what I want to do. One thing I just realized is that I should have uploaded my photos first, and to do that, they have to be in a gallery.

Icy Heart on a Trash Bin

So I made a gallery and inserted a photo spot here. It was rather cumbersome. Especially navigating for the photo. And then I'd have to do that again for each photo I'd want to include. Perhaps the PAGE feature is not the best option for blogging. 

Maybe I want to just start a brand new blog with Wordpress. I think part of the reason I've stopped using my old blog is that it is weighed down with so much old stuff. A lot of it's good stuff, but it's not easily accessible. I also don't have a strong, decisive purpose for my blog. I'm not sure if just "because I like to write and share" is enough of a reason to blog.

However, there are parts of using Smugmug that are convenient. I like the ease of captioning in Lightroom as part of my photo processing, and then, when I upload to Smugmug, via the Lightroom Smugmug plugin, the captions go with the pictures. So it's a streamlined process.

This is interesting. I'm seeing the text box growing to accommodate my writing. And there's spell check, catching my typos. But I don't think I want to build blog pages piece by piece like this.

Well, let me go on and share the rest of the photos I was planning to share.

Since my foot started troubling me in November -- plantar fasciitis, the doctor said, very unhopefully -- I have severely decreased my walking. It might not have been so severe if this had happened in the spring or summer though. The cold weather also encourages me to stay inside. But I'm determined. Eventually. Yesterday I gave in to the rainy weather easily and curled up with a good book instead. [Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Very good. I was about ΒΌ in when I started yesterday morning, and thanks to the rain, and a light schedule, and my willingness to fight sleep for a good book, I'm now well over half way done.]

So I bundled up this morning, picked out TEDTalk and Hidden Brain podcasts, tucked my DSLR into my coat and headed out. My new plan for getting back into daily walks is via photography. That's how I finally established the habit in 2014, with my own personal Instagram hashtag, #mdktryingtobedailywalk . I'm bored by my neighborhood so I don't want to repeat that exactly. But I do want to be practicing my DSLR photography daily. So instead of walking along shooting several photos, I'm going to primarily listen to podcasts and audiobooks -- something new I've only just begun doing in the last 6 months --  and I will try to just stop in one place where I find something photogenic.

It didn't go exactly like that this morning. I actually made photographs at a few points in my walk. Habits are hard to break. The most important thing is that I did go out and walk. I'll figure out a routine that works for me eventually. I have before.

Photos from This Morning's Walk

Iced Puddle

Iced Puddle

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