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To Title or Not To Title, That IS a Choice

I voted this morning, of course. After reading the websites of both Amy Laufer and Ben Hixon I thought they sounded very much alike. I considered choosing her because she's a woman and we need more women in government, but I decided to choose him just because he has more details about his plans on his website. 

Now I'm playing around with creating a politics section of my Smugmug website. I've never gotten very far with blogging here before, but I do like the idea of having everything in one place. And maybe I can also gradually copy over some of the good old stuff about parenting and homeschooling from my old blog. 

It's easy enough to type here, although I wish it wasn't a black box. Why can't we just type directly on the page?

This is Header 1

This is Header 2

This is Header 3

This is Header 4

This is normal. I like how the Headers use my style font choice. That, by the way, I'm considering changing. I still like it, but I'm ready for a change. I might even make a fun header with my digiscrap supplies.

But first! I really want to finish the article I've been writing about my presidential candidates research! It has been weeks in the making!

testing adding photos

  • MOC7 Day 1 Blind

    (given a list of directions to follow blindly, without an example to view) - background paper from Hoodie by Amy Wolff coffee stain from Tuesday Morning by Kristin Aagard flower from Karma4 by Etc By Danyale & Little Butterfly Wings leaves from Fantabulous Fall by Kim Jensen knit brad from Hooked by Pink Reptile Designs home brad created by Christa from Home Sweet Home by Kate Hadfield happy brad from Happy Camper by Becca Bonneville stitching from Dear Karma by Etc By Danyale & Little Butterfly Wings tag from Snapshot Stories by Allison Pennington optional element - page border from Karma5 by EtcByDanyale & LBW word art from Snapshots by Amy Wolff

recent photos slideshow

Week 21 {in season} Dogwoods, my favorite

Week 21 {in season} Dogwoods, my favorite

photo taken April 22. By the time this assignment came up, the last week of May, most of the flowers were past peak bloom. And anyway, I wasn't picking up my DSLR at that time.

Well, this is cool.

It's easy to add photos from anywhere. 

I just need to have the photos in a gallery FIRST before I start making the page.

And if I want to have them to the right or left of the text, I can insert the elements that way.

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