Michele Kendzie

This is so much better than Facebook

Once in a while, I feel like expressing thoughts, just putting them out there into the world. Facebook used to feel like a good place to do that, but now it feels manipulative and like we're segregating into our bubbles. 

Also, I want to be known, to be understood, and often don't feel like I have the chance. If I start writing my thoughts down in a public place, where they are easily accessible, at least I make it possible to be known.

This website of mine is an ideal location. None of the manipulation or ads of social media. I'm paying Smugmug to keep my photos safe for me already. I might as well make use of it as a custom personal website.

This is a little awkward compared to blogging at Wordpress, but there my posts will have ads, unless I want to pay to remove them, but I already pay several subscriptions and don't feel like adding yet another.

lots of dandelions

lots of dandelions

I need to remember to think about what photos I might want to share and upload copies of them into a public gallery so I'll be able to put them into these blog posts. This photo is in a gallery I made a few years ago for collecting pictures from my walks.

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