2018 Scrapbook - Photography and Digital Scrapbook Design by Michele Kendzie

Michele Kendzie, Photographer, Scrapbook Designer, and Mom of Three Unschoolers in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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second attempt for MOC Day 22, mosaic technique, and I like it a lot more - I didn't like my first one very much so I tried again with a different photo, the one that appears to be a close up of a sandwich in the top filmstrip. That's actually zoomed in; the photo includes the background of the restaurant and I used the entire photo to make my mosaic, although to get it to fill the background the edges were cropped.

I used only one kit, Special Ingredient: Love collab by Studio Basic & Mommyish
I took the filmstrip part from Now Showing Templates by Scrapping With Liz
The Tuscany photo and text on it is from Pappalecco's website.
font, The Modern One, by Heather Joyce