2017 Project 52 - Photography and Digital Scrapbook Design by Michele Kendzie

Michele Kendzie, Photographer, Scrapbook Designer, and Mom of Three Unschoolers in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Week 33 {Composition: Point of View} My Kitchen This Evening

After I cleaned the kitchen I felt like documenting how my kitchen looks nowadays. In many ways it's the same. I was looking at some very old photos (like circa 2007) and saw the same fruit and veggie bowls. Different food of course, but the dishes have been there for at least a decade. They have been one of my most used wedding gifts. * * * (journaling added 6 days later, when I decided to make this my Week 33 photo) I'm still struggling to pick up my camera regularly, so I'm just happy when I do get inspired, even if it's not a perfect example of the week's assignment. I do think of point of view a lot anyway. I don't usually just take pictures from a standing position, but crouch, stand on tiptoes, climb something, and move around a lot. But my perspective here was a kind of a joy at my full fruit and veggie bowls, in the backdrop of a newly cleaned kitchen, so I placed the bowls prominently in the frame, but choosing a wide angle to show it all. (I actually put my old kit lens back on my camera for this. This is 18mm.)