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Playing in the Van

Day 110 After dropping off my girls at the venue where they are performing in Annie with their homeschool drama club, I didn't want to drive all the way home, at least a half hour away, only to have to return almost immediately to watch the play. Ian did, though, so I had to find something interesting for him to do for a little while before showtime. We drove 3 miles back to downtown and visited the toy store on Caroline Street. Ian chose these packets with single Playmobile characters. It's a surprise what you get; the picture on the package only shows ALL of the possible characters you could get. He was pleased with the football player and alien he got. I'm very pleased with how I framed this shot and how well the lens captured the light despite the dimness of the van. The sun is getting low behind those buildings straight ahead. I was all the way across the sidewalk, leaning against the building in a crouch, using my 50mm lens. I wanted to capture some of the buildings to record where we were.