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2012 Day 157

Day 157 Today is the actual 157th day of this year. If you've been following me all year you know I purposely skipped Leap Day so my Project 365 would really only have 365 pictures. I tediously handwrote the numbers on every page of my desk calendar. Now I've got a new desk calendar that came with the numbers already on it, and it is counting accurately. I've decided to go with the actual number of the day from today on. It's kind of a fresh beginning too, because I've missed a couple of days recently. (Yes, I neglected to take a picture again yeterday! Yikes! I won't let it happen again!) I'm starting Shooting 101 class over again this week. I didn't get much participation in my study group last month so I joined this month's group. It has already had about twice as much activity in the pre-first week than my group had all last month! Even better, I'm really feeling things coming together a little more every time I pick up my camera. It was especially pronounced going back to Shooting 101 Lesson 1. It actually felt strange to "rewind" and not do some of the things I learned since last month. I kept using back button focusing though. That's working well and takes more effort to change. I metered to zero on the blue wall, evaluative metering and AI Focus. 50mm ISO 1600 f/3.2 1/125sec