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2012 Day 144

Day 144 First, I want to say Happy 11th Mom birthday to me. My oldest turned 11 today. This is a picture of my third child though. Now 5 1/2, he has recently been opening the doors on his own and heading outside to play. Today he told me, "I'm going out to climb the tree, Mom." He had climbed it a little before, but this is pretty new. So I stood out there watching for a while. After he proved he was a pretty good climber I decided to grab my camera and take some pictures. This is a big bushy sunset maple tree in our yard. We planted it when it was 6 feet tall and looked hardly more than a stick, just after I got pregnant with my oldest almost 12 years ago. We haven't pruned it so it has a lot of branches sticking out all around, all the way down to the bottom.

I love that he happened to be wearing a red shirt for this picture. Unfortunately, for the first three pictures I took, I had neglected to check my white balance, and it was still set at incandescent from the previous day. Lightroom helped me fix it a little, and I increased the saturation and lowered the exposure a little too. 55mm Manual ISO800 f/5.6 1/320sec