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Sidelight Lesson

Day 229 This week's lesson for ClickinMoms Natural Light 101 is about types of light, windows, and reflectors. For our assignment we shot with feathered light, sidelight, and flat light. This is supposed to be sidelight, but I think I may have taken away too much shadow! The reflector is maybe 2 feet from his right side and the window is on his left side. I tried to place him at a 45 degree angle, centered in front of window. 1/320sec f/2.8 ISO800 I think I made a mistake in metering and it was too warm but I reduced the temperature in Lightroom from 7700K to 5500K. I also cropped so his left eye is at an intersection of the rule of thirds grid. I'm so excited by my steps forward in my photography in the last two weeks!