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Day 039 Today was a rainy day that did not inspire pictures. However, as the daylight faded I came up with the idea of shooting bedtime and including myself in the photo, something I want to do every week or two. We read together every night. Usually Ian chooses a book or three for me to read first. Or, lately Rhiannon has been reading to Ian while I sit beside Caroline and listen to her reading Sorcerer's Stone. Then I shut off the lamp and read a chapter book by handheld book light, a routine I established way way back when there was only Rhiannon, to more quickly induce sleep! ;) She no longer falls asleep while I'm reading, but it still works on Ian every night. It probably helps that the chapter book is usually a bit over his head. Much of last year we were reading the Harry Potter series. Then we read My Side of the Mountain and Caddie Woodlawn. Then we decided to reread the City of Ember series, but instead of reading them in the order they were published, we're reading them in chronological order, so we're half way through Prophet of Yonwood now.

We're usually a bit more spread out when we read, but I was using my 50mm lens. :D This is one of 50 shots I took using continuous mode and the camera timer. Manual f/2.8 1/5sec ISO800 Used my tripod. In Lightroom I cropped a little excess, cluttered space on the left, lightened and increased contrast a bit, and changed it to black & white, playing with the temperature slider but not knowing what I was doing. And guess what! I got a notice from Gotta Pixel today advertising a Basics of Lightroom class coming up in March -- perhaps Fate heard my discouragement with the complexities of post-processing -- and I decided to sign up. I think it will be a good start.